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London Accommodation In The UK by Frank Vanderlugt

Are you taking a vacation to the UK? Having a business meeting in London? Studying abroad in England? No matter how you spend your time in London, you'll want the best deal on the kind of London accommodation that best suits your travel needs.

The Internet is full of London accommodation resources that any London-bound traveler ought to see before boarding on a plane set to fly across the ocean. Working with a travel agent or a tour operator is always a good idea, but you can save yourself some money and make sure that your London accommodation is really what you want by doing some research yourself first.

For the tourist who wants historic London accommodation within easy reach of all of the hottest tourist spots, you might want to try the Alexander Hotel London at This traditional example of London accommodation is a five-minute walk from Victoria Station, so travel to anywhere in the city is simple. Or walk straight to Buckingham Palace from the hotel in ten minutes!

The Alexander Hotel is London accommodation in a quaint English style. Enjoy a cozy single, double, or triple occupancy hotel room in a homey bed & breakfast style. You'll have access to a private bathroom, complimentary breakfast, and local staff who gladly make suggestions for any sightseeing you might want to do. Rooms start at £55 a night.

What if you're not a casual tourist in London for a few days? What if you're attending a business convention that makes you spend as much as a month in London? What if you're a foreign exchange student who will spend most of a year in London?

There are all kinds of London accommodation options. Students especially might benefit from visiting Accommodation London offers studio apartments, shared houses, deluxe dorm rooms, and hostel dorm rooms that start from as little as £10 per night! Accommodation London also has resources to help students find a job, navigate the city, and visit the best hot spots.

Tourists and businesspeople alike can take advantage of Accommodation London's seemingly student-oriented London accommodation options. You can rent London accommodation for as little as four days or as much as six months! Get a private room or share a room with four to six friends or strangers to save some money. likewise has resources for long-term London visitors to rent flats, apartments, or houses. If you're moving to London for a job or just because, you should check out the long-term London accommodation resources at!

Taking the time to research London accommodation before you go can save you money and prevent the hassle of having to find new London accommodation if you don't like what your travel agent found you. If you research all of your London accommodation options, you may find that you'd rather rent an apartment short-term than incur a week-long hotel bill!

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