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Do Your DD Before Letting Out Your Rental Properties in UK by AbdulQuddoos

London properties on rent are of major importance to many segments of the London population. There are students staying in London who seek accommodation as they move to various places within UK for pursuing higher education. There are immigrants as well who move in to London either for their work or for pursuing higher academics; hence they are also on a constant search for accommodation, London flats mostly, on rent.

So, there are different individuals who have different purposes of staying who are in constant search either through click of mouse or through word of mouth publicity or through paper and other media advertisements regarding rental accommodation London.

Under these given circumstances it becomes imperative for all parties-be it potential renters, letting agents or private landlords to be able to meet the demand and supply for an effective better-off position for all in the search of London properties.

Is this possible?

We always pay the price of ignorance, so it is important that if you are an individual looking for rental apartments London, you need to have a thorough knowledge on the nuances of getting one for best price. Second, if you are a private landlord, it is important for you to ascertain the credibility of your potential tenant and you don't have to worry on your property going out of your hands. The gap is often is bridged by several companies and these are online and offline companies or agents that offer services to bring the tenants, London properties landlords and letting agents of London flats under a common roof.

So, the first thing that one can do as a potential renter is to register oneself with any of the sites offering this kind of service. Second, one should have a valid continuous employment record or in case of student a genuine college identification card becomes most important.

One should also have clear credit report with high credit scores and minimal defaults in payment. Again, the income to rent ratio of rent seekers is also important when any landlord offers their properties to tenants on rent. The income needs to be almost 2.5 times higher to the amount of rent to be paid.

Again, in case of potential landlords of London flats need to buckle up to make their properties attractive to the rent seekers. To get a higher price, some kind of user-friendly interior decoration can add value to the property. To achieve higher occupancy rates, this is one of the tactics that have proved successful. Additionally to keep the properties in safe hands, landlords of London properties also does screening of potential tenants with the help of services from private property management.

You need to lease your London flats for rent properties to a tenant who gives you income and peace of mind as well. We will do the job for you; assist you to rent your UK properties screened and potential tenant with our tenant referencing service. Feel most free to check out our nominal fee and other add-on benefits we offer for you at the dawn of a new year.

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For renting your UK properties to tenants with the peace of mind simple2rent offers potential tenant referencing services. Just check our free listing site and you will be happy to make you London flats for rent listing with complete peace of mind and better marketing opportunities.


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London Holiday Apartments

Near the beautiful Thames River lie a variety of furnished apartments that will rent by the day, week, or month. The Romney House offers 1, 2 and 3 luxury bedroom apartments in a distinctly distinguished building within easy walking distance of Victoria station, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and the Thames River. Looking for something more contemporary in the heart of Victoria? New Palace Place has a selection of new luxury apartments located in Westminster. Here you will find one of London’s greatest landmarks, Big Ben. St. James’ Park underground the shops and amenities of Victoria are within easy walking distance. For those on a budget, Park House provides a selection of refinished one bedroom apartments within walking distance of Hyde Park, Kensington Palace and Knightsbridge. With all the money you will save on lodgings, you can afford to shop at the nearby Harrods and other internationally known shops.

Would you like a room with a view? St. George Wharf offers one and two bedroom apartments created with the view in mind. Recipient of several prestigious awards, St. George Wharf offers a breathtaking view of the Thames river as well as some of London’s best landmarks. You will gaze upon the majesty of Big Ben and the modern marvel of the Millennium Wheel. St. George’s Wharf is a grand example of modern architecture, both inside and out. The West End Quay offers one and two bedroom studio apartments in a contemporary setting near the Grand Union canal. The nearby Paddington station provides service every 15 minutes with the Heathrow express. A 24 hour concierge will provide you with all the local tips as well as provide you with an added sense of security.

Tons of visitors from all over the planet traveling to this surprising and lovely and enjoy for their holiday here with is whole of fun and activity. This location is very favorite worldwide and natives here enjoy their stay, the unsurpassed accommodation offered by this place. The region is not greatly pricey also and you group with lesser budgets can enjoy their stay. Always think hiring one of numerous fashionable apartments. Vacation apartment rental is a relaxing and more affordable option touring this part families and travelers with pets should ensure with their travel agents to assure that appropriate rentals are secured before leaving home, People would love to involve up a Travel provided their accommodation is affordable.

For those traveling on a shoestring budget, look for apartments that rent out individual rooms sharing a common living and kitchen area. London Rooms rents out flats by the evening or by the week. They provide cheap, comfortable apartments that are 12 minutes away from London by the C2C train. Single travelers or students may opt to rent individual rooms sharing a common room and kitchen. Whatever your travel budget, there is an apartment option that is right for you.

For more info visit: London Vacation Rentals Apartments

London Apartments

By Giuseppe Urso

UK Vacation Rentals our answer to the free alternative hotels. Your next Rentals Adventure in California, Florida, New York and the World, Los Angeles and Australia. Start broadcast and reviews your
Vacation Rentals trip in a click.

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London Accommodation In The UK by Frank Vanderlugt

Are you taking a vacation to the UK? Having a business meeting in London? Studying abroad in England? No matter how you spend your time in London, you'll want the best deal on the kind of London accommodation that best suits your travel needs.

The Internet is full of London accommodation resources that any London-bound traveler ought to see before boarding on a plane set to fly across the ocean. Working with a travel agent or a tour operator is always a good idea, but you can save yourself some money and make sure that your London accommodation is really what you want by doing some research yourself first.

For the tourist who wants historic London accommodation within easy reach of all of the hottest tourist spots, you might want to try the Alexander Hotel London at This traditional example of London accommodation is a five-minute walk from Victoria Station, so travel to anywhere in the city is simple. Or walk straight to Buckingham Palace from the hotel in ten minutes!

The Alexander Hotel is London accommodation in a quaint English style. Enjoy a cozy single, double, or triple occupancy hotel room in a homey bed & breakfast style. You'll have access to a private bathroom, complimentary breakfast, and local staff who gladly make suggestions for any sightseeing you might want to do. Rooms start at £55 a night.

What if you're not a casual tourist in London for a few days? What if you're attending a business convention that makes you spend as much as a month in London? What if you're a foreign exchange student who will spend most of a year in London?

There are all kinds of London accommodation options. Students especially might benefit from visiting Accommodation London offers studio apartments, shared houses, deluxe dorm rooms, and hostel dorm rooms that start from as little as £10 per night! Accommodation London also has resources to help students find a job, navigate the city, and visit the best hot spots.

Tourists and businesspeople alike can take advantage of Accommodation London's seemingly student-oriented London accommodation options. You can rent London accommodation for as little as four days or as much as six months! Get a private room or share a room with four to six friends or strangers to save some money. likewise has resources for long-term London visitors to rent flats, apartments, or houses. If you're moving to London for a job or just because, you should check out the long-term London accommodation resources at!

Taking the time to research London accommodation before you go can save you money and prevent the hassle of having to find new London accommodation if you don't like what your travel agent found you. If you research all of your London accommodation options, you may find that you'd rather rent an apartment short-term than incur a week-long hotel bill!

For more articles, links, and other resources that will help you find London accommodation, visit or

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frank j vanderlugt owns and operates 2 Londonaccomadationnowcom


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Roomspace Serviced Apartments comes to Esher by Bard Vos

A brand new selection of two bedroom two bathroom apartments "Orchard Place" located in Portsmouth Road, Esher in Surrey. The apartments are opposite Sandown Park (race course), 2 minutes from the town centre and train station with direct connection to London Waterloo. They are also in close proximity to Cobham, Oxshot, Thames Ditton and Surbiton. The Apartment Service is opening these apartments to cover an area, with previously no serviced apartment offering. The Apartment Service is forging ahead with the expansion of its Roomspace Serviced Apartments brand led by a buoyant demand for serviced apartment accommodation in the home-counties from key corporate clients. This is in line with the ongoing planned expansion of the brand in the UK and other key European destinations. The apartments are all fully furnished and equipped to the highest specifications and are located within easy reach of all amenities and transport options. Specifications * Two bedroom two bathroom * Minimum stay one week * Fully furnished and equipped * Prices from £875 per apartment per week (discounts available for longer stays)


For more information contact Bard Vos, Marketing Executive for The Apartment Service via email

About The Apartment Service The Apartment Service is the largest European booking agent for serviced apartments worldwide. We offer thousands of serviced apartments for stays of one night or more in many global destinations. We have been nominated for an award in the Business Accommodation category by the prestigious Business Travel World Awards 2009.

In the summer of 2008 the first Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report was commissioned by The Apartment Service. A survey was held amongst 20000 industry professionals (serviced apartment operators, corporate bookers and travel agents) and the report was launched in September. This can be downloaded for free from our website About Roomspace Serviced Apartments Roomspace Serviced Apartments offers fully furnished and serviced apartments for stays of one week or more in a growing number of UK destinations and other key cities in Europe. All our apartments are within easy reach of key business locations, not only looking at accommodation in major cities, but also focusing on demand in regional areas with good transport connections.

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Bard Vos - marketing executive at The Apartment Service


Victoria Hotels Offer The Perfect London Stay

Choosing the right London hotels, when planning for the trip of a lifetime, is easier than you may think. Each area in London has certain uniqueness, a special ambience. Examining what activities and sites appeal to you, and what type of vacation you desire will allow you to locate a quality hotel in just the right spot of London. Staying in �oeThe City,” which is the financial district of London, has numerous advantages.

Victoria hotels offer easy access to the underground railway and coach stations. British Airways Terminal and the Gatwick Express both serve Victoria as well. Ease in accessing some of the best public transportation in the world makes the London hotels in this part of town a wise choice. Besides being an economical way to get about, London public transport is efficient, modern, well run, and gives you a taste of London that will linger in your memories for a long, long time.

Another reason for choosing a stay in the may be to mix business and pleasure. What better way to conduct business, staying at a hotel located in the �oeFinancial Capital of the World,” and also to be able to take a leisurely stroll to a museum or historical sport after your business day is complete.

If you prefer a quiet location, Victoria hotels are an excellent choice. Allowing you to easily access the much busier nightspots of the city by public transport, the London hotels in �oeThe City” provide a quiet and restful evening when you choose to call it a day. You will not have to miss the nightlife or the excitement of staying up until the wee hours of the morning; you can easily travel to where nighttime celebrations are the norm. However, your hotel base, your place where you ease back for a peaceful sleep, will afford you a calm spot to unwind.

Another advantage of staying in the Victoria area is the ease in which you can visit some of the major spots of London just by taking a walk. Besides being able to access all of the major transports of the city from these London hotels, walking is a viable option for visiting several noteworthy sites. Buckingham Palace, one of the most well known London attractions, is within a half mile (also known as a �oeshort kilometer,”), an easy distance to walk and breathe in all that is the flavor and feeling of London itself.

Serving as the Queen’s official residence, the 775-room Palace is used for official events and receptions. There are also areas of the Palace, which are opened to visitors on a regular basis. The staterooms, for example, are usually open during August and September, and display some of the works of the greatest painters in the world, including Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. In addition to sculpture and porcelain, these rooms also hold examples of English and French furniture of the highest quality. You may want to check in when you arrive at your London hotel to see what parts of the Palace may be toured, or even better, check the internet before leaving on your trip for the latest updates.

By walking a short distance in the same direction, to the south bank of the River Thames near Blackfriars Bridge, a visit to the Tate Modern Museum lets a person view some of the most famous as well as the most current and cutting-edge modern art in the world. Created in 2000 by converting an unused power station in the heart of London, The Tate collection of modern and contemporary art represents all the major movements since Fauvism, which dates back to1905. The Tate collection includes important masterpieces by such greats as Picasso and Matisse. It also holds an outstanding collection of surrealism, including works by Dali, MirĂ³ and Ernst, as well as Pollock and Rothko. There is even a single room, known as the Tate Rothko Room, which only holds nine Seagram murals by Rothko. Tate’s focus on pop art is solid and includes major works by Lichtenstein and Warhol. The museum’s acquisition and display of world-class contemporary art beginning in the 1980’s and running to the current day is appreciated by modern art enthusiasts of all ages.

From the Tate Modern, a short walk across the pedestrian Millennium Bridge brings a London visitor to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, a spot especially breathtaking at night with strategic lighting outlining its dome against the night sky. This spectacular building reminds us that London continues to offer some of the most memorable photographic opportunities of any city, with even amateurs able to return home with stunning pictures.

The current Saint Paul’s Cathedral is the fourth to occupy the site and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It was completed in 1710 after the previous cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Besides its grand architecture and overall presentation, it holds beautiful mosaics from the mid-19th century, created in response to Queen Victoria’s negative comment that the interior of the cathedral was �oemost dreary, dingy and un-devotional.” The Cathedral is active to this day, and you may want to check on special presentations or events being held at the time of your visit.

Selecting the right London hotels, such as those located in the Victoria area, will result in one of the most enjoyable vacations you can imagine, making it easy to add business to your journey. The restful evenings allow a visitor superb sleep, while the location affords easy access, on foot or by public transport, to some of the most beautiful and historical sites of this city.

When Londoners speak of The City, they are referring to the original square mile that is now the British version of Wall Street. When visitors speak of staying in this same area, they are referring to London hotels that allow them to partake in an affordable world-class vacation, which may include business, in one of the greatest cities of the world.

By Freelance Writer

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Buying a Property in the Uk: a Few Signs That the Housing Market is Hitting Bottom Rock

When it comes to buying a home in the UK it seems that now may be the time. The market itself has been ailing for more than 12 months already. Due to the financial turmoil, buyers face increasingly stringent requirements to access mortagages by high street banks and estate agents are reporting that sales are virtually grinding to a halt.

The market hasn't hit bottom rock, with dropping interest rates, buyers with a substantial deposit available have a great room of maneuvre to impose their terms in negotiation of purchases.

Here are a few indications that the market may be bottoming out in 2009:

* The RICS recently reported that enquiries that led to sales decreased by about 1% in July. According to Bloomberg this is the lowest number of transactions since 1959.

* According to the Bank of England “the mortgage rates on popular fixed-rate products have fallen. The average rate quoted for a two-year fixed rate mortgage, for a borrower with a 25 per cent deposit, fell from 6.6 per cent in June to 6.36 per cent in July.”

On the other hand, the average asking prices of property for sale in South East England still increased from January to August 2008 (source: is a sign that sellers still expect to keep a return on their investment at the level of prices of the peak of 2007.

What does all of this mean to you?

With a buyer’s market it’s quite possible that we will see a surge in activity over the coming months. When that activity begins to take hold the prices may begin to climb again.

To put it simply, if you have been considering making a purchase, it may be a great time to buy your new home if you sit on a deposit large enough. With fewer buyers enquiring about homes sellers will be more flexible with their pricing and conditions.

By Juan Alabardan

Juan Alabardan specializes in promoting property search online

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Guide to Residential or Commercial Leases on UK Properties

So, you’re leasing a property. Why pay for commercial property services when you’ve done it all before?

After all, a lease is a lease is a lease – isn’t it?

Well, sadly not. No two leases are the same, so you must protect your commercial interests and nail down the rights and responsibilities for both parties.

The landlord’s responsibilities are likely to include:

• Maintenance and repairs of the building
• Management of common areas such as grounds, staircases and hallways
• Insurance of the building

While the leaseholder’s obligations may include:

• Keeping the inside of the property in good order
• Behaving in a ‘neighbourly’ manner
• Payment for services, eg maintenance and repairs, building insurance etc
• Payment of ground rent
• Payments into a reserve fund for any scheduled major works, eg external decoration
• Restrictions on certain activities without the landlord’s consent

As a guiding principle, the landlord is not obliged to provide any service that is not specified in the lease, and the leaseholder is not obliged to pay for anything that is not specified in the lease.

How confident are you that your property lease really covers all these angles? If you leave room for doubt, you may well regret it further down the line!

And when you're taking up a lease...

Leasehold contracts are designed primarily to protect the commercial interests of the landlord.

Which means it’s up to you, the leaseholder, to challenge the terms that don’t suit you. And as the landlord has an army of commercial property consultants at his disposal, he’s probably not too worried about that.

If scouring acres of small print is your idea of fun, then go ahead. (Enjoy!) But if you prefer to live your life and leave the mind-numbing mumbo-jumbo to the professionals, you really should talk to your property consultants.

It’s vital that you understand your lease conditions before you buy. These are questions like:

• Will you have to pay ground rent?
• What service costs are you expected to pay?
• Will you have to pay into a reserve fund for future building works?
• Is the property subject to conditions of use (eg commercial or residential restrictions)?
• What obligations does the landlord accept?

With so much at stake, you can’t afford any grey areas. So ask your property consultant to look through your contract and pick out all the gremlins.

By Sam Hawking

Sam Hawking runs Sam Hawking & Co, a dynamic company specialising in conveyancing and UK property law for residential, commercial and agricultural clients. Licensed Conveyancer Sam established the company in Port Talbot in September 2006, and has quickly achieved a strong reputation as a conveyancing solicitor in South Wales. Join Sam's website at:

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Prime Central London Property Prices Continue To Fall

Research reveals that values of prime residential property in central London continued to fall in the third quarter of 2008. Across the prime markets, values fell by 3.7 per cent in the quarter, to bring annual falls to 12.1 per cent.

"The London market has been quick to react to the prospect of falls in City employment and earnings, and the sectors of the market most reliant on demand from the financial and business services continue to be those most severely affected," says Lucian Cook, director, Savills Research. "These falls are in line with our central forecast that values will fall by 15 percent over the course of the year."

Where old money and international demand are more prevalent, the falls have been far less severe. This is reflected in the fact that values in the core of prime central London, such as Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea and Belgravia, have fallen by just 7.1 percent in the year to date, compared to 16.1 percent in Kensington - traditionally a destination of choice for senior City and financial employees."

In line with past downturns, the market for flats (with the exception of the most exclusive end of the market) in prime central London has been more affected than the market for houses. In the areas of south west London favoured by City employees - the likes of Barnes, Fulham, Wandsworth and Clapham - values fell by 16.5 per cent over the course of the past year. Here, supply and demand is a key factor and vendors, many with large equity buffers, have quickly accepted that values have fallen.

In contrast with the rest of the UK, rental values in prime central London have recorded the first quarterly fall since the second quarter of 2003, down 1.4 percent, again reflecting the weakened employment outlook in the City.

Renting has become the favoured option for many house movers, but the resulting increased demand has been insufficient to make up for the combined impact of reduced demand from the City and increased supply from those forced to let houses as selling has become more difficult.

The imbalance between supply and demand has been most acute in the rental markets to the east of the City, where rents are now 4.6 percent lower than at the same time last year.

In the period to the end of June, the super prime markets dominated by multimillionaires, where average prices are in the order of 5m pounds, showed far greater resilience than the merely prime and held value. At the same time, in the ultra prime market, where values average 15m pounds and where demand comes from the international billionaire community, growth continued.

That picture of resilience is beginning to show some very early cracks. In the third quarter, the falls in the super prime market were contained at 1.8 percent. In contrast, the ultra prime property held value, showing marginal growth at 0.6 percent, albeit well down from 4.2 percent seen in the equivalent quarter of last year.

Lucian Cook says: "We expect this market to be more resilient going forward, as it is driven by a growing number of global billionaires. Market conditions will undoubtedly be tougher than at the height of the market in 2006 and 2007, but we still do not anticipate big falls in value."

"Evidence from previous downturns is that the very top of the market does eventually soften," says Jonathan Hewlett, director of Savills London. "However, to a large extent we are dealing with the unknown. The very top end of the market is more global than ever before, and it is currently holding up better than expected, although we are just beginning to see signs of the market slowing.

Having said that, this is a rarefied marketplace and while we don't expect many records to be smashed in the coming months, we will most certainly not see any distressed sellers either."

By Karl Hopkins

This and much more information on the UK property and buy to let market can be found at a free and unbiased resource for UK property investors. Features include up to date information on energy performance certificates.

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Hay On Wye – A paradise for book lovers

Hay On Wye is a peaceful small town located on a bank of Wye River lies on the Welsh side of the Welsh/English Border in the County of POWYS, Wales is a true paradise of book lovers where you can spot thirty major secondhand and antiquarian bookshops. Stay at York House, B&B an original Victorian style house, where you can enjoy reading your favorite books in the backyard during your stay.