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Enjoy the Stupendous Museums in Chester

Chester is a county place in Cheshire, England, placed in what is called the English Northwest. Chester occupies on the River Dee, a water body that borders Wales. Chester is most familiar for the Roman settlements that made the center's embattlements. These embattlements were made to beat off the incoming Welsh from the selvage. Known as Deva Victrix, Chester was already an active city as early as AD 79. After the Romans left the metropolis, the Saxons displaced them and smartened its fortification against the Danes. Today, Chester is labeled one of the exceptional feudal municipals in England

Chester's most well known places are notable architecture that depict England along the Roman settlement. Beside from the city centre, the River Dee that runs through the city is one feature you can't miss. The river runs through Grosvenor Park, one of the rudimentary public parks in Britain. Another enjoyable open space is the Groves. The Groves is integral of a long Roman wall in the bank of the river. As the river gives life, so it gives trade. This section was chock-full of leather craftsmen that worked on shoe trade, and in front that, the Groves was a quarry where stone walls were erected.

Chester has modern attractions and contemporary tourist activities on top of the classic tours and museum exploration that one can do. Play seekers can visit the Catton Hall paintballing station, a 200-acre field that depicts Chester's fortifications, villages, bridges, and forts. Another fun combat simulation is available in the Catton Hall archery field. You can try out test targets with a wide variety of bow and arrows. Archery is a demonstration of England's roster of arrow snipers that helped fortify the place against foreign invaders. Other activities in Chester include adventure sightseeing and heritage tours.

Like other English municipals, wining and dinner is a staple for day-trippers in Chester. Chester's amassment of restaurants is further emphasized by the local fresh produce that makes these foods. The Simon Radley at the Chester Grosvenor is a French gourmet restaurant that has a big accumulation of food and wine. Travelers show to shell up the money for formal jackets to get in. If you want a more casual feeling, the Upstairs at the Grill gives you a combination of relaxation and soothing wines along with specialty cuts of meat and fish. The Upstairs at the Grill is a two-floor expanse of sheer distraction and intrigue.

The best entertainment in Chester lies in its festivals - and they have quite a collection of festivals. The Roman festival celebrates the city's Roman heritage. Held once a month, you can experience the Roman roots of the metropolitan area up close and personal. From June to July, view the great mystery plays, one of the oldest running play cycles in the world. The Chester Music festival opens with these mystery plays. That is why June to July is the best time to visit Chester because there is something new going on. Chester also has exciting events for the sport enthusiast, especially those who are into horse racing and football.

Roman... Novel... Classic... The urban place has a little bit of everything for everyone. Despite its reputation as a notable conurbation, Chester has much more to offer than its cobbled streets and old walls. Once you experience the metropolis in overflowing bloom, you will be impressed by the conurbation's depth and character.

By Gracia Westolick

Gracia Westolick is a former beauty model. She used to be a very successful autarchical Manchester companion, having spent many years escorting in Chester and being a Manchester airport model.

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