Monday, December 22, 2008

Dirty Facts About Liverpool

Every city looks good, beautiful and safe. But, are all the towns, cities and countries just good and safe? Do they also have certain dirty, filthy facts which are usually hidden from the tourists?

As said and believed that every coin has two sides, every city has its own positive and negative aspects. No matter how hard you try to keep your city clean, safe and secured from the negative issues like prostitution, drugs and crime, they always make their own way into our life and thus the city.

Liverpool is believed to be a very friendly and loving city but even it has a different dirty face which appears in the late nights of the city. The city is not completely safe from crime, though the crime rate in the city is still lower than the other larger cities in England. You never know, when you could become a victim of such a crime. Thus, it is always better to take the necessary precautions for the safety of your own life and that of your loved ones.

There may be people on the streets asking you for a trains or a bus fare due to absurd reasons like having lost their wallet etc. But as a matter of fact, they are mainly fooling you and to earn some money. They make various stories just to fool you and indirectly beg you for money.

The hotels liverpool is not much of a problem for the tourists as well as the new crowd. It has a wide range of huge classic, exotic hotels with all the imaginable facilities and also has the simple yet well furnished and properly serviced apartments for everyone. But, many people like staying in the hotels while there are some who wish to feel the real spirit of the city and so live in these serviced apartments.

The city is famous for its night life which includes the big dance clubs, bars etc. people usually stay and enjoy the night in these bars till the wee hours of the morning. But, they don't realize that they might be risking their life by walking back to their home or the hotel alone after these parties or by not waiting for the cabs. Also, prostitution is another problem faced very often in many parts of the city like the other big major cities in England. Hence a few areas in the city are tagged as the red light areas like the Shiel road in Kensington.

Also, some of the areas in the city are generally avoided by the local people and also the tourists due to the local gang violence. Thus for the purpose of safety, people try to avoid the use of the commercial areas around these localities. These gangs deal with large number of illegal activities like drug peddling, human trafficking etc.

Soccer is a big passion for nearly everyone in England. People are crazy for their city clubs or their favorite clubs. Sometimes it this craze amongst the people has even caused many violent activities amongst the crowd where in a few hard core soccer fans have attacked and even brutally murdered the fans of the opposite team. Hence wearing the football t shirts is avoided by people especially on the D-day or the day of the match.

Thus, when you are traveling around the various cities in England it is always suggestible to know in brief about the city so as to avoid the darker side of the city.

By: Jessica Thomson

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